Navigator TXTs/TXC
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Navigator TXTs/TXC

TXTs is the complete auto diagnostics interface, designed for working on all types of vehicles (CARS, BIKES and COMMERCIAL VEHICLES). Connects to all the TEXA display interfaces using Bluetooth technology, plus any stand-alone PC running the TEXA IDC4 software. TXC instead is reserved only to cars with OBD socket

Wireless diagnosis for cars, bikes and trucks (TXC only cars)

Navigator TX diagnostic interfaces which are multibrand and multienvironment, designed to connect wirelessly with all the TEXA display units: AXONE 4, AXONE Direct, AXONE Palmtop, AXONE Pad and MULTI PEGASO, as well as stand alone PCs.

Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth technology, it is possible to work freely around the vehicle.

The Navigator TXTs is the multibrand diagnostic tool for cars, motorbikes, buses, commercial vehicles.Today also for agricultultural vehicles such as: tractors, combine harvesters, orchard and vineyard mulchers.
Today the diagnostics tool is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle workshop. Whatever the fault, it is likely that during each repair process the ECUs will need to be accessed to clear the fault codes or configure the replacement components, operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool. Now even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate the various systems.

With many years of experience in this constantly changing and complex field, TEXA has specialised in providing solutions for multibrand workshops.

By providing the most modern and innovative solutions in the market and by using the latest technology, TEXA has always tried to save technicians’ time by simplifying the repair process.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs and NAVIGATOR TXC are the latest multibrand diagnostics interfaces by TEXA; they can communicate with the vehicles’ electronic control units, guaranteeing performance and speed that redefine multibrand diagnostics.

The development of these interfaces has been focused on reducing the communication times, and ensuring the tool is practical to use. Thanks to an internal 64 MB memory, the devices can save all the communication programs previosuly used; and if a diagnostic program is required again, it retrieves the information already stored from the internal memory. This redues the time required for the communication with the ECU by over 70%. Also by using an automatic internal switch, the devices can communicate with the ECUs on all models of vehicles. No adapter is required, as the cable supplied can be connected directly to the diagnostic socket.

While the NAVIGATOR TXTs can be used for diagnostics on all types of vehicles (cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles), the NAVIGATOR TXC can only communicate with all cars equipped with OBD plug.
The NAVIGATOR TXTs and NAVIGATOR TXC are part of the new range of diagnostic interfaces from TEXA. Together with the NAVIGATOR TXB (specifically for motorbikes), they have revolutionised the world of multibrand diagnostics.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is the most complete and versatile version in the range, and can be used on any type of vehicle.

The NAVIGATOR TXC, on the other hand is the simpler version, which can only perform diagnostics on cars fitted with an EOBD socket.

Both can communicate with all the display units without requiring connection cables, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module. They can in fact communicate with the AXONE 4, AXONE Direct, AXONE Palmtop, AXONE Pad and with the MULTI PEGASO multipurpose station, as well as stand alone PCs.

The aim for TEXA is to always provide versatility and standardisation in the management of the information, allowing every technician to work on different makes of vehicle using the same data processing and recording system.

Operating on the Windows platform, TEXA has designed the IDC4 software. This system  combines the diagnostics tools and the technical information into a single program, ensuring quick and simple access to the applications.

Navigation always starts by selecting the vehicle make, model and the system to be diagnosed; the software then immediately and automatically provides the options for the tools to be used and the specific reference parameters for the vehicle identified.

In detail, the NAVIGATOR TXTs and NAVIGATOR TXC feature the following functions:
  • auto diagnostics to read and clear the error memory,to display system parameters and the status of the ECU;
  • activation, adjustments and configurations that are essential for ensuring a complete repair;
  • resetting the service lights or the airbag systems;
  • configuration of the ECUs, keys and remote controls.
Technical Specifications:

Processor: CORTEX M3 STM32F103ZG 72 MHz, FLASH 1024 KBytes, SRAM 96 KBytes
SRAM memory: 8 MBits organized 512 KBytes x 16 bits
NAND Flash memory: 1 GBit on 8-bit bus
Vehicle battery: 12 VDC and 24 VDC systems' management
External power supply: 8 ÷ 32 V
USB communication: virtual RS232 via USB 2.0 Device
Wireless connection: Bluetooth class1 (30 m)
Electronic switch: 2-way, 13 independent positions
Diagnostic connector: DSUB-26HD standard ISO 22900-1
Control unit reprogramming connector: PV as required by the SAE J2534 protocol
Supported protocols:
 • Blink codes
 • K, L (with current protection 100 mA), ISO9141-2, ISO14230;
 • CAN ISO11898-2, ISO11898-3
 • SAE J1850 PWM
 • SAE J1850 VPW
 • SAE J2534-1 *

Power supply connector: 4-pin power mini-din
Visible warnings: 1 green LED, 1 red LED, 1 blue LED
12 V consumption: 0.25 A typical
24V consumption: 0.18 A typical
Operating temperature: 0 ÷ 50 °C
Stocking temperature: - 20 ÷ 60 °C
Operating moisture: 10% ÷ 80% without condensation
Dimensions: 160x170x55 mm
Weight: 1 kg
 • Directive: 1999/5/EC
 • Safety: EN 60950
 • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 301 489-1
 • Radio systems: EN 301 489-17, EN 300 328-2

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