Multi Pegaso
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Multi Pegaso

The multipurpose station consisting of a solid trolley on wheels plus an industrial PC with colour printer. Complete with connectors for gas analyser chambers and running both diagnostics checks and emissions tests, plus Bluetooth communication with all the peripherals.

Gas Analyzer for cars, trucks and bikes

The MULTI PEGASO is the most advanced multibrand diagnostic and emission analysis tool. 
Precision, efficiency and practicality: the MULTI PEGASO is the multipurpose station that will guarantee the success of your workshop!

Repairing the latest-generation of vehicles requires specific skills and technical expertise and also innovative technological solutions that can be continuously updated to cope with the rapid changes and constant progress typical of the automotive sector.  
For this reason TEXA has developed the new MULTI PEGASO multipurpose station. A versatile and robust solution, ideal for use in the workshop, this system will revolutionise the way work is managed.

The MULTI PEGASO is the most complete and reliable solution on today’s market. It combines emission analysis with advanced diagnostic resources in a single workstation. It manages all TEXA interfaces and modules simultaneously, rationalising the work processes. Even more importantly, it uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with the diagnostics tools and exhaust gas analysers, thus freeing the workshop of cables.The GASBOX Autopower and OPABOX Autopower modules can be stored in the bottom of the trolley, and there are two specific brackets for attaching the diagnostics tools to the sides of the top shelf. All the tools needed for the day’s work can thus be kept tidily and to hand on a single trolley, rationalising the space in the workshop.
The MULTI PEGASO is mounted on a robust trolley with 4 sturdy wheels and is based on a new industrial PC fully engineered by TEXA. The advanced software program has been specifically developed to manage complex analysis and diagnostic procedures.

The MULTI PEGASO is therefore immune to the critical problems typical of the workshop environment.
The MULTI PEGASO features a robust and compact version of the traditional hard disk and a special shock absorbing structure. The use of energy-saving electronics and innovative heat sinks eliminates the need for cooling fans in the CPU. This solution prevents the formation and build-up of dust and other impurities caused by the circulation of air inside the device.  The 17” LCD monitor is shock-proof and designed specifically for use in the workshop. The hinged supporting bracket allows the monitor to be folded down onto the trolley after use, to protect it from dust. Other features of the MULTI PEGASO include a professional keyboard, optical mouse and high-quality ink jet colour printer suitable for workshop applications. An infrared remote control device to control the main functions is supplied as standard. Serial and USB ports are available for connection to external TEXA peripherals. The ergonomic housing for the GASBOX Autopower and OPABOX Autopower modules is fitted with quick couplings, to reduce overall dimensions and ensure efficient and safe recharging.
Technical Specifications

• Multipurpose station on mobile four-wheel trolley
• Robust power coated steel structure
• Wireless connection with all TEXA interfaces and modules
• Can be used to analyse emissions of petrol and diesel engines
• Can be used to diagnose car and commercial vehicle electrical/electronic systems via connection with TEXA diagnostic interfaces

Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz, 40 GByte HD
DRAM: 512 MB
Operating system: Windows XP embedded

  •    2 RS232 serial ports on male DB9,
  •    1 wall adapter socket,
  •    1 SVGA video connector on male DB15,
  •    6 external USB 2.0 ports, 2 RJ11 telephone jack (IN-OUT),
  •    1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN connector, 100 Mbit.
  •    1 IR input for remote control
Bluetooth connectivity: via external USB key
Wi-Fi connectivity: via optional internal card, external antenna
GSM connectivity: via optional module mounted internally, external antenna
DVD/CD drive: on internal USB 2.0 line
Dimensions (with monitor closed): 760x660x1570 (1185) mm
Weight: 55 kg

Printer technical specifications
Print technology: ink jet, with automatic sheet resetting in case of jamming.
Black printing speed: up to 20 pages per minute
Colour printing speed: up to 13 pages per minute
Memory capacity: 8 MB RAM
Average power consumption: 35 Watt, when running
Paper tray capacity: 50 A4 sheets

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