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UNIProbe allows for the complete multi-make diagnosis and can intervene on cars, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes and nautical means alike, as well as on light and heavy commercial vehicles, coaches, vehicles carrying oversize loads and agricultural vehicles.

UNIProbe Oscilloscope Engine Anaylser

UNIProbe comprises a total of 6 different instruments within the single device:
• Oscilloscope
Four independent analogue channels with SIV function for interpreting the signal detected. 
• Battery Probe 
For battery tests as well as the analysis and control of the entire ignition and charge system. 
• Tnet 
For the electrical analysis and measurement of automobile communication networks (CAN, VAN, LIN). 
• Signal generator (Available starting from IDC4 CAR V.51)
To simulate impulses produced by the sensors and control the solenoid valves.
• Multi-meter
To measure voltage, resistance and current (with amp meter pliers). 
• Pressure test
To test fuel and turbo pressure on all vehicles.

UNIProbe communicates with all TEXA viewing units or with a Windows PC with USB connection or through Bluetooth technology, allowing the mechanic absolute freedom of movement around the vehicle and in the workshop. They are also fitted with an interior lithium battery that can guarantee exceptional autonomy. UNIProbe reflects the TEXA philosophy on "two unit solutions" to the full, looking to completely eliminate wires within the workshop.For those not having and not wishing to acquire the complete operative platform IDC4, MSS (Measurement System Software) is in any case available which enables only the functions of oscilloscope and signal generator in manual mode.We should mention the SIV (Signal Information Viewing) function, a software algorithm that has been specifically developed by TEXA and which compares the data acquired with that in the internal database, immediately showing up any signal anomalies and thereby greatly facilitating the vehicle repairer's work.
Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 8 - 32 VDC
Internal battery recharge voltage: 10 - 32 VDC, built-in 7.4 V, 1Ah lithium battery
Battery autonomy: up to 5 hours
Maximum current draw: 1.2 A at 12 V
Operating temperature: 0/+45°C
Storage temperature: -20/+60°C
Operating relative humidity: 10%-80% non-condensing
Dimensions and weight: 155x178x55 mm (excluding Bluetooth antenna), 1.2 Kg
Applicable standards: Directive 1999/05/CE
Electromagnetic Compatibility: ETSI EN 301 489-17 V1.2.1, EN 61326/1
Safety: EN60950-1, EN61010/1

Channels: 4 independent input channels with analogue bandwidth of 10 MHz (-3 dB); sampling rate 20MSamples/sec at 10 bit with 1 or 2 channels active, 10 MSamples/sec at 10 bit with 3 or 4 channels active
Max input voltage: +/- 50 Vmax, AC or DC coupling
Vertical scale for each channel: from 20 mV/Div to 50 V/Div
Horizontal scale: from 500 mV/Div to 5s/Div
Trigger: source CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, selectable, trigger delay
Display mode: Normal, Auto, Single shot
Measurement of following values: frequency, period, RMS, Vmax, Vmin.

Galvanic insulation up to 1 kV for safe measurements
Voltage measurements
Maximum measurable voltage: ± 400VDC, input impedance 4.7 MΩ, 3 digit resolution; three value ranges, with automatic or manual scale selection: 0-6 V, 6-60 V, 60-400 V AC/DC
Resistance measurements
Three value ranges, with automatic or manual scale selection: 0-1000 Ω, 1-100 kΩ, 100 - 10 MΩ, resolution: 3 digits
Current measurements
Current measurements performed by connecting TEXA “BICOR” series probes to the jacks on the front of the tool
Continuity test, Diode test

Troubleshooting on CAN ISO11898, ISO11519 networks

Troubleshooting on starting systems
Voltage measurements: DC up to 50VDC

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