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NanoService is the specific self-diagnosis interface for fast-fit centres, tyre specialists and service areas, which allow for ordinary maintenance work to be carried out on vehicles fitted with OBD sockets. It is a small device with an extremely high performance, to be used combined with a Windows PC.

NanoService is the specific self-diagnosis interface for tyre specialists

NanoService is the specific self-diagnosis interface for tyre specialists, which allow for ordinary maintenance work to be carried out on vehicles fitted with OBD sockets. It is a small device with an extremely high performance, to be used combined with a Windows PC.

A practical, ergonomic shell hides avant-garde technology that allows for the diagnosis of electronic systems on cars and light commercial vehicles without the use of cables or specific adaptors for the different makes. The built-in Bluetooth module also allows the mechanic to work comfortably inside the vehicle without the hindrance of wires, within a range of 100 metres.

NanoService meets the demands of those operators that regularly carry out relatively quick and easy interventions, requiring, therefore, a streamlined, efficient, dynamic tool. We refer, for example, to tyre specialists or service areas offering additional services, such as oil or brake pads change, turning off service warning lights or resetting meters of on-board computers.
NanoService uses the specific operative software IDC4 SERVICE: once the application has been started on the PC, simply select the operation to be performed from the list proposed. The simplified procedure allows for its use even by people who do not have specific training in self-diagnosis and electronics in general. The various interventions to be carried out on the vehicle are, in fact, grouped clearly and intuitively and the commands to be keyed in are few and simple.

NanoService is the ideal tool by which to professionally and fully carry out any electronic operations linked with the tyre change, such as the calibration of the steering angle, control and regulation of wheel balance and calibration of the suspension. Thanks to the formidable coverage of makes and systems it also allows for the implementation of an extremely high number of different interventions, such as, for example, the management of tyre-related systems (sensors for the control of pressure and warning devices in the event of loss of pressure) in addition to brakes and pads (including brake pressure calibration).  NanoService also allows for operations such as the control of the brake bleeding circuit for the changing of the hydraulic brake system liquid, brake discs, pads, pincers and control unit of the system. It also allows for activations, resets and clearing of errors and ECU messages after changing tyres or brake pads. It also allows for all self-diagnosis operations such as error clearing and the clearing of data saved in the ECU, management of the date of the last intervention or maintenance. With NanoService, any operator can carry out the phonic wheel test and tests of the ABS or ESP solenoid valves or reset calibration of the torque position, calibration of sensors for the piston stroke or valves.
Technical Specifications:

Microcontroller: STM32F103G CORTEX 72MHz, FLASH 1024KBytes, SRAM 96 KBytes
Memory: SRAM 8MBit, NAND FLASH 256Mbit with file system HCC SafeFat
Operating system: EmbOS
External power source: 8 ÷ 16 Volt
12V consumption: 0.2A max
Wireless connection: Bluetooth (30m)
Electronic switch: 2-way, 13 independent positions
Diagnostic connector: OBD  ISO 15031-3
Operating temperature:  0° / +50°
Storage temperature: -20° / +60°
Operating humidity: 10% ÷ 80% without condensation
Dimensions: 70x48x24 mm
Weight: 32g

Self-diagnosis protocols
Blink codes
K, L (with current protection 60mA) ISO9141-2, ISO14230
CAN ISO11898, ISO11519-2,
SAE J1850 PWM,
SAE J1850 VPW,
EOBD (all protocols) ISO15031-5, ISO15765-4

ETSI EN 301 489, ETSI EN 300 328,

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