Axone Smart
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Axone Smart

The perfect solution for mechanics who do not need remote connectivity, but who nevertheless demand a full range of data functions, ease of use and detailed test information. It comes with IDC4 Light Software and can easily be upgraded to IDC Plus should the customer require the additional information.

Simple and efficient all-in-one tool that can perform quick and effective self-diagnosis.

AXONE Smart is aimed at mechanics who do not require remote connectivity but need all the other characteristics that make TEXA tools the undisputed leaders in latest generation self-diagnostic devices.

The excellent price/content ratio of AXONE Smart is not the result of skimping on quality. Like all TEXA products, AXONE Smart is designed, developed and made in Italy by TEXA, global leader in diagnostics, with a workforce of over 400 persons.
Because AXONE Smart is made by the people who designed it, quality control is implemented to the strictest standards.

AXONE Smart establishes you as a genuine citizen of the TEXA world, a world of top quality products and advanced technology.

Quality starts with the case itself, which is drop-resistant, dust-proof and built to withstand all typical workshop hazards. The bright, 5.7”, 65,536 colours, QVGA TFT touch screen is superbly easy to read from all angles.
And the lithium battery gives a record autonomy of 10 hours and is extremely quick to recharge too.

The Intel 520 Mhz processor is supported by 64 Mb of SDRAM memory and special software that dramatically reduces the time taken to connect to vehicle control units.

AXONE Smart uses TEXA’s proprietary IDC4 software, acclaimed as the simplest, most intuitive, yet most function-packed on the market.

AXONE Smart comes pre-loaded with the POCKET Light version of IDC4 software, which includes a full suite of self-diagnostic functions plus datasheets for error interpretation.

A simple and intuitive menu guides you through the model selection process and also helps you choose the system you need to diagnose from the systems accessible on the vehicle.

IDC4 POCKET software also features the exclusive TGS2 function, TEXA Global Scan, which can automatically diagnose all the control units on the vehicle, and identify any errors detected. This innovative system allows you to choose the make and model of the vehicle you are working on, and then simply let the tool complete the analysis – automatically.

AXONE Smart allows you to reset warning lights–like those for airbags, scheduled maintenance and oil changes– on all makes and models of cars, vans, bikes, scooters, quads and water skis.

The broad scope of IDC4 POCKET Light software also includes advanced functions like parameter and status reading, adjustments and activations, electronic component settings, and control unit and key coding.
AXONE Smart’s self-diagnostic resources cover all the electronic systems and components found on modern vehicles, from engine control units to electrical systems, from transmission to auxiliary control systems.
Just to mention the most common, AXONE Smart covers fuel injection, active and passive safety devices, power steering and suspension systems, body computers, instrumentation, multifunctional displays, steering control electronics, infotainment systems (audio, CD player, mobile, TV, etc.), keyless devices, automatic gearboxes, electronic clutches, all-wheel drive, air conditioning and heating systems.
TEXA products have always been characterized by their excellent coverage of makes and models. AXONE Smart can diagnose systems on over 100 makes and around 20.000 models of cars and bikes, and accurate updates are being added continuously. AXONE Smart fears no rivals as your workshop’s sole diagnostic tool. Given its extremely competitive price, however, it is also the ideal backup for an existing tool to ensure full coverage of current and future models.
If you ever need to access TEXA’s integrated database for further information, all you need to do is upgrade your software to the Plus version. You won’t have to purchase any additional hardware, because you can view all the technical information you need for the model you are working on directly on your AXONE Smart.

Upgrading from IDC4 POCKET Light to IDC4 POCKET Plus is a quick and easy operation that gives you access to additional help with repair procedures.

The Plus version of the software includes vehicle wiring diagrams, with the possibility of viewing individual sections and components; data sheets for electronic components, with photos, videos and guided repair procedures; and technical bulletins that provide detailed, professional explanations of significant electronic faults and malfunctions with descriptions of the correct repair procedure.
IDC4 POCKET Plus software also includes mechanical information such as tightening torques, lubricant specifications, timing belt types etc., essential for proper maintenance of the model you are working on.
Technical Specifications

Screen: 65,536 colours, QVGA, 5.7” TFT
Touch screen
Windows operating system
IDC3 POCKET Software
Weight: 0,7 Kg

Processor: INTEL X-Scale Pxa 270 520 Mhz
Battery autonomy: 10 hours

Internal memory: 64 Mb of SDRAM
Exclusive TEXA hardware drastically reduces the time taken to connect to the vehicle’s control units

Special functions:

Automatic switch
Lets you switch protocols between all the diagnostic lines of the OBD connector without adapters.

TGS2 Function
A full automatic scan of all the control units on the vehicle.

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