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TEXA APP* is a virtual store that runs under IDC4 diagnostic software and allows you to request the activation of a large number of vehicle servicing and repair apps with a simple click.

Once you choose a specific APP, getting it activated is extremely easy.

Simply click the APP you wish to purchase, or for which you want further information. This opens a window describing the functions of the app and providing explanatory images.
From this window, you can purchase the APP or request further information. Dealers will reply as soon as possible for the activation.

TEXA APP offers a brand new approach to the world of multi-brand diagnostic tools and confirms TEXA’s reputation for innovative, technically advanced and top quality diagnostic solutions.

Starting form IDC4 CAR software version 52, new and interesting APPs are available to give you support during your daily work, such as LPG SYSTEMS, AIRBAG VAG CODING, SPECIAL FUNCTIONS.

New Apps



LPG SYSTEMS** is the APP that allows you to diagnose the LPG systems installed on used vehicles (aftersales). This APP allows you to work on a large number of vehicles of different brands and models on which an LPG system was installed. By means of the diagnostic functions that this APP provides, you can solve problems that arise on vehicles with multiple fuel supplies (petrol and LPG) even due to possible conflicts between the different supply systems.
Airbag vag coding


AIRBAG VAG CODING is TEXA's innovative APP that allows you to calculate, quickly and precisely, the codes you need to code a new Airbag control unit of the VAG group***! You just have to enter the control unit's code indicated is on its package in order to receive the 5 digit coding code you need for the installation. In addition, a simple guide illustrates the operations that must be carried out for a proper coding of the control unit if it is replaced.
Special Functions


Starting from CAR software release 50, PC users can activate the Special Functions APP, offering rapid access to a series of useful workshop procedures, such as Program Keys/Keyless Remotes, Regenerate Particulate Filter, Change Dashboard Language and Replace Battery. The Special Functions APP is already installed and activated for customers who use the AXONE 4 diagnostics tool.
Users of other TEXA diagnostics solutions (except for the POCKET platform) can on the other hand purchase the function from the “TEXA APP” virtual shop.


DASHBOARD is TEXA’s innovative APP, now available for the TRUCK and OHW diagnosis environment, which makes understanding the operation of the systems of a certain vehicle even easier and more intuitive. In fact, it allows you to view the engineering parameters dynamically, thanks to a clear and captivating graphic design that reproduces the dashboard of an industrial vehicle, the mechanical components and the operational logic of the selected system.

DASHBOARD is already available and active for the customers who use the AXONE 4 diagnostic tool. On the other hand, for customers who use the PC, this function can be purchased in the TEXA APP virtual store.

* Not available for IDC4 POCKET
** For the Idc4 Pocket platform, check the function's availability with your retailer. In IDC4 PM this function cannot be activated as an APP, but is available as an optional diagnostic category.
*** For the brands Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda


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