IDC4 Software - Main Functions

ICD4 1
The initial screen allows you to choose the specific vehicle segment. There is also an interactive section devoted to useful information and new features.
ICD4 2
Once the environment has been defined as above, the functions available are shown, namely electronic diagnosis, traditional measures and road tests.
ICD4 3
The next step is to select the vehicle on which tests must be carried out. This is extremely simple and takes the form of a guided process.
ICD4 4
Another way by which the vehicle can be selected is by entering the registration number through a window always available in the user interface – this allows you to bring up a vehicle that has previously saved by the workshop.
ICD4 5
Once the vehicle type has been selected, the make is selected from a drop-down menu specifying all vehicles available for the software version installed.
ICD4 6
Selection continues by defining the vehicle model. In this case the software only displays the models available on the basis of the previous selection.
ICD4 7
To select the engine, simply click on the specific vehicle of the list, according to power and engine specifications.
ICD4 8
The last step is to choose the engine code. This selection phase is fundamental to obtain the correct compatibility of the software and vehicle ECU.
ICD4 9
Once the specific vehicle has been selected, the software proposes a list of systems on which you can access, highlighting the tasks that can be performed.


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