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About Texa

TEXA was founded in 1992. Today the company is Europe's top name in the design, production and sale of diagnostic instruments for cars, bikes, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and marine engines.

TEXA is present all over the world with a deep net of dealers; its subsidiaries are in Spain, France, the U.K., Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States and Japan.

Presently TEXA has about 450 employees in the world: the manpower is young (average age is 30), 45% have a university degree and among these 100 are engineers and specialized technicians dedicated to Research and Development.

TEXA was born on the initiative of Bruno Vianello. He has always been fond of engines and mechanics; at the end of the eighties, when the market starts to launch diagnostic products, he has the intuition to project and build instruments to help the repairers in ECUs diagnosis.

The instruments reveal to be intuitive and efficient and they have a big success.

So, in 1992 Bruno Vianello, together with his friend and partner Manuele Cavalli, founds TEXA, "Electronic Technologies for Automotive".

At the beginning with 10 employees, the company (placed in Veneto, close to Venice) has immediate success in the market and in 20 years it gets to produce more than 400.000 sophisticated diagnostic instruments, car A/C rechargers and exhaust gas analysers. TEXA signs important partnership agreements with Magneti Marelli, Ducati, Johnson Controls, Sagem, Siemens, AD Parts, Benelli, Pagani, Renault Trucks, and Eurorepar.

TEXA has also received extensive recognition and a large number of awards over the years. Most recently, the company received the "Città Impresa" award (2008, 2010 e 2011), was finalist for the "Ernst & Young businessman of the year" award (2008), and won the Unioncamere award (2009). In the international arena, TEXA received the prestigious "Frost & Sullivan" award (2006 and 2007), the GIPA (Groupement Inter Professionnel de l'Automobile) prize in 2009 for its TEXAEDU programme, and a gold medal at the "Grand Prix Internationaux de l'Innovation Automobile" in Paris. In 2010 TEXA was awarded the "Automechanika Innovation Award" in Frankfurt by the German Minister for Transport with the brand new OBD Matrix. This was followed in 2011 by the "Galeria de Innovacion" award in Madrid.

On June 14, 2011, the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano awarded Bruno Vianello with the Confindustria award for Quality and Innovation.

In 2002 TEXA becomes an S.p.A. company and in 2004, due to the unrestrainable growth, it opens the new headquarters: a building of 64.000 square meters (out of these, 12.000 square meters are dedicated to the production department). The new building is in the forefront for technology and safety, destined, within 2012, to become three times bigger up to be defined "TEXA town".

Bruno Vianello and Manuele Cavalli have never stopped in these years, on the contrary, they decided to invest in an even more ambitious project.

In this prospective, on the 29th of September there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new futuristic plant, which is the natural continuation of the former one and occupies 30.000 square metres inside and a total area of 100.000 square metres. The structure is a continuous alternation between technological workplaces and gathering areas such as the Cafè, theatre, restaurant, museum, recreation room, internet point.

Innovation, research and development are always TEXA's conduct line in order to reach important results: TEXA has introduced video-assistance, tele-diagnosis and in 2007 it signed an important partnership with Google Search Appliance, meant to become the basis for all future products.

In 2009 TEXA launched a multi-brand diagnostic tool for the agricultural sector and for the marine industry.

In 2010 TEXA was the first company that launched and built a complete line of charging stations for air conditioning systems which comply with the new European legislation.

In 2011 TEXA presented AXONE 4, an innovative touch-screen device that represents the new frontier for vehicle diagnosis.


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